Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Beginners Guide To Making Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer | शुरुआती गाइड एक संबद्ध विपणन के रूप में पैसा ऑनलाइन बनाने के लिए

Learn How To Make Money On The Internet For Newbies. 

There is so much information floating around out there, if you’re a beginner to making money on the internet it can baffle your mind, or downright confuse the hell out of you. You want answers on what works? And what the hell is just downright wasting your time? These are scams or time wasters as I like to call them.

Well, I have put together a list of what to do if you want to cut out all the bullshit and start putting together profitable money making machine that can earn you money on autopilot even while you sleep.

Owning a blog, or website, is like having internet real estate. With a little hard work you can own your own park place. If you decide to just leave it there and put no time effort into your online real estate such as blog, or website maintenance which involves building back-links, and adding unique content on a semi regular basis. You also must remember the internet marketing aspect of making money with your blog, or website, such as social networking sites like Twitter, and Facebook.

Create a Facebook fan page, participate in online forums related to your niche, video
Marketing, comment on blogs related to your website, or blogs niche for starters. If you do not market your blog, or website you may as well throw in the towel. Instead of park place you will have the equivalent of Mediterranean Avenue or Baltic Avenue in monopoly.
Not the kind of internet real estate that you want to have to pull in the big money online. The online money will not magically appear by the website fairy. It’s going to take some hard work and effort on your part to make a good income on the internet.

Don’t Be A Dummy Follow These Proven Steps To Start Cashing In On The Internet On A Regular Basis

1.    Don’t Be A Dummy – Start a real internet business by researching a niche you have some  interest in  at the same time can potentially earn you a nice amount of cash at the same time. It is far easier to succeed if you have an actual interest, or a passion, in your website, or blogs main area of focus. P.S. Do not forget to update your website often with unique original content. The latest Google farmer update penalized 1,000's of sites on the internet with unoriginal copied content. Be original and write your own blog posts Google will reward you with higher search engine rankings.
2.    Don’t Be A Dummy – Start a self hosted wordpress blog. Let me sink this point into your head or your internet business will sink faster than the Titanic. Pay for website hosting and buy your own domain name.  A dummy will invest all his or her time and energy into a blog that is essentially owned by someone else. If you are using a free hosted blogging platform like blogger, or you are setting yourself up for internet failure right off the bat. Don’t come crying to me when one day your blog gets deleted because you violated one of their ever changing terms of service.  (Which can happen for pretty much anything trust me I am speaking from experience when I myself was just a beginner to the internet and earning money online).
 Smart affiliate marketers and internet marketers in general only use free hosted blogging platforms to mess around with or for back-links to their main money blogs.
3.     Don’t Be A Dummy – Learn as much as you can about search engine optimization. Smart internet affiliate marketers know that the best kind of traffic that you can possibly have to your website, or blog is free targeted search engine traffic. These are actual people coming directly from the major search engines that are looking for what you have to offer. This traffic converts into you making more money from your internet business.

Keyword tip: Target keywords that are buying keywords and try to rank highly for them to get the most money from your website, or blogs traffic.

4.     Don’t Be A Dummy – Start an email list a.s.a.p. I waited a couple years to get mine. Started which was a big mistake when I finally realized half the battle of making money on the internet is building a responsive email list from your blog, or websites traffic. The bigger and better your email list is the more money you will earn online from your internet marketing efforts period!

Internet Marketing Tip: Once you reach about 500 email subscribers starting doing ad-swaps with other internet marketers to grow your list a lot faster this will also make you some great extra cash in the process.

5.    Don’t Be A Dummy – If you’re trying to make money online from affiliate marketing. Which in a nutshell is making money from recommending a product, or service to anyone on the internet in exchange for a commission. If they buy that particular product, or service through your affiliate link you will earn a commission and make money. But, to be successful you need to learn all you can about affiliate marketing.
Be a student of the trade. The more you learn, the more you will earn period! It takes years and years of training for them to master their chosen trade. Think the same way with your affiliate marketing career – only the learning curve is a lot shorter. Learn while you’re earning on the internet. Always brush up on your internet marketing skills so you can put yourself in the best position possible to make the most amount of money from your online business as possible.

Here Are A Few Of The Top Affiliate Programs You Can Make Money With On The Internet:
1. Commission
2. Linkshare
3. Clickbank
4. Share-A-Sale -
6. Flipkart
7. Opicle

Congratulations, you are on your way graduating from a dummy into a full pledged internet marketing machine.  

P.S You’re not a dummy anymore eitherDummy comments are all in good fun!